Welcome to the world of Shree Vidyasagar Apparels Ltd.! A world built on trust of customers, dedication of owners, unparalleled innovation, unmatched skill and a conglomerate of designs!
Shree Vidyasagar Apparels Ltd., the brain child of Mr. Sandeep Jain, started with only 2 machines! What started in 1993 as a small unit in Nagpur, within the short span of a decade, reached national level presence in 2004. We can now proudly say that we have more than 600 retail outlets in India!

Our Journey

Incepted in 1993, we spread our wings to Maharashtra and MP from 1993-97 and further broadened our reach and base of satisfied customers with our rapid progress across 4 more states till the year 2003. What was formed as a private limited company in 1994 was further converted to a public limited company in 1996; in order to enhance our customer reach. And, we didn’t stop there! We reached national level marketing as early as 2004. For more than 2 decades now we have been standing strong in this ever changing, diversely growing market that demands a high degree of innovation only on the basis of our core values of customer satisfaction, great quality and most optimum pricing!
At Shree Vidyasagar Apparels Ltd., the cornerstone of our growth has been successfully adapting to ever changing customer needs and still maintaining the high level of quality and timely delivery by making our fabrics smile!

Mission statement

"We live and die by our core, inherent and innate belief that Customer is God and we do our best to imbibe that in every divine creation(garment) that we finish!"

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Innovation pioneers

Shree Vidyasagar Apparels Ltd. were the first to introduce marketing of suits in the retail chain in Central India. Right from display to education of suit selling to proper customer approach, we drove innovative methods of suit selling to dealers all over Central India!
Before Shree Vidyasagar Apparels Ltd., the market for suit selling hardly existed. One premier reason for this was that readymade trousers were sold along with the suits. This, obviously inconvenienced customers and caused them great duress; since most times the trousers weren’t the perfect fit. Shree Vidyasagar Apparels Ltd. then pioneered an innovation idea that turned the market completely inside out. We initiated and championed the idea of selling exclusive trouser fabrics along with suits which ensured smiling customers and further transforme Sai Engineeringd to an explosion in the suit selling market! Shree Vidyasagar Apparels Ltd., hence initiated a major development, being innovation pioneers in Central India in the suit selling business! We understood the customer needs that the suit is an exclusive garment that uplifts the proud owners’ personality and gives him an exclusive image.

Product Range

We provide a huge range of products, all of superior quality, fine finish and with a superlative exclusivity that guarantees you a 2nd look each time you put one on. Our exclusive and diversified range is as follows
» Designer suits
» Formal suits
» Trousers

We march on…

In the year, 2002, in keeping with our voluminous customer demands and to maintain our par excellence quality we established our production and marketing base in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. Now, Mumbai is our production, marketing, innovation, delivery and manufacturing hub from where we can easily reach out to our customers and dealers and make our operations more seamless!

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